Herbal Helpers Infused Gourmet Oils

Our Herbal Helper Infused Gourmet Oils allow you to “spice up” your favourite recipes in the comfort of your own home.

Infused Organic Coconut Oil

HH Coconut Oil

Our coconut oil comes from Nature’s Blessings, a small farm in Philippines, via a local merchant. Cold Pressed by water cooled expelier press, Certified Organic, Awarded “Best Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, no preservatives, no transfat, no heat degradation.

Infused with 1 oz organic Pink Kush, decarboxylated to provide maximum heady effect,  to 1 cup of oil, this infusion packs a wallop! Sold in 4 oz jars, (.399 cup), they are just over 1/3 cup, perfectly measured for your baking recipes.

Infused Organic Olive Oil

HH Olive OilThe “Chacra Blanca” farm is a family business established in 1990 on the desert coast of Peru in the Chilca Valley, 60 km south of Lima. Using innovative permaculture techniques to turn a salty desert into a sustainable oasis of biodiversity, it became the first organic farm in Peru! Their stretch of Peruvian coastal desert has never been exposed to chemical pesticides or fertilizers—instead they use innovative agricultural practices to keep the soil rich and make their olive products simply delicious!

Enjoy a very high quality Extra Virgin 1st pressing, Cold Pressed, Unfiltered, Eco Harvested, Certified Organic from Peru.Olivico won the BIOL PRIZE, to the best organic extra-virgin olive oil worldwide, awarded according to the international jury panel test and the results of a chemical analysis.  BIOL2016_coccarda

This oil has been infused with 1.5 oz organic Pink Kush, decarboxylated to provide maximum heady effect,  to 1500 ml oil, which means that you only need a tablespoon, two max, to feel this. Depending on how much you’re diluting it, of course.

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