About us…

What started out as a mission to reduce the amount of prescription drugs my parents were ingesting for pain has become an opportunity to spread the medicine to mcommon-uses-marijuana-graphany others. Api’Kai (pronounced ah-pik-eye) is a Hawaiian boys’ name meaning, God’s gift, which is what I believe Cannabis is. There are already so many known medical and health benefits to ingesting cannabis and we are just beginning to study it.

Apikai Products are infused with organic Pink Kush. They include infused gourmet cooking oils for our consumers to use in their favourite dishes at home and a non-dairy creamer for hot drinks. We source all our ingredients from organic producers right here in BC to reduce our carbon footprint and to support the local economy.

Our products will aid sufferers of insomnia, anxiety, pain, appetite loss, depression and (loss of) sex drive. The high lasts several hours, providing pain relief and a happy buzz without the need to puff on a vaporizer or smoke buds.


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